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Comprehensive warranty policy in Saudi Arabia

Total tools Saudi Arabia guarantees all electrical equipment sold by its authorized distributors against manufacturing defects for a period of 2 years from the date of sale, after adhering to the warranty conditions for each customer category and after diagnosis by the approved service center (ASC), and the center will repair the manufacturing defect or give permission to replace the equipment with another.

Total Tools is the first responsible for the guarantee and the retailer between Total Tools and the end customer is only an intermediary to serve the end customer in maintenance and sales.

The warranty does not include

1 External parts & Consumable spare parts such as (Carbon brush, Ball Bearing, belts…..etc.).
2- disassemble or tamper with the product.
3 Dismantle or repair of equipment in nonauthorized service centers
4 The use of nonoriginal spare parts
5The equipment work more than its capacity stated in the user manual
6 The use of irregular electricity and so on
Entry into objects inside the device such as (dust, water …etc.).
8 Failure to stamp the warranty card from the distributor and write the date of sale
. 9- Attach the original invoice or a copy thereof.
10-Damage or breakage caused by misuse.
11-In the event of modifying the product or replacing any part of the product, for example, cutting or modifying the electrical cord, etc.
12-Lithium battery charger.
13-Products that work on air tanks, mechanical products that work on fuel, and products that work on boards.
14-Misuse of the product and its use for purposes other than its intended use.
15-Absence of the purchase invoice and warranty card, and the failure to record product information (product name, product code, and product serial) so, this product is not covered by the warranty.

Consumer warranty

– Implementation

1 The end consumer must present the original invoice (indicating the date of sale and the distributor’s stamp).
2 The retailer or wholesaler receives the device from the consumer
3 The sales representative of the merchant or retailer brings the device to be maintained to the importer or the authorized maintenance center
4 The importer must bring all the devices to be maintained to the approved center within a maximum period of 7 days from the date of receipt.

5 In the event that the approved maintenance center decided that the device is within warranty, the center will bear all maintenance costs, including spare parts and labor.

6 In the event that the approved maintenance center decides that the device is out of warranty, the consumer shall bear all maintenance costs for spare parts and labor.

Replacement policy

According to the Law of the Consumer Protection Agency (a government entity to monitor the market in Saudi Arabia)
The consumer has the right to replace or return the product or commodity he bought within 14 days if it is defective or
not in conformity with the specifications or the purpose for which he was contracted

Terms of replacement

1 Submit the original sales invoice sealed by the seller.
2 It is possible to return within 14 days from the date of purchase
3 The device must be in its original condition (there are no fractures in it, the case is intact etc.)
4 Refund method is the same as payment method.

5 The customer can recover the value that it has actually paid as recorded and specified in the sales invoice
6 The customer has the right to replace the commodity with another for the same value stated on the invoice
7 Replacement and retrieval does not include accessories, batteries and chargers.

– Implementation

1 The consumer must fulfill all conditions of the
Replacement policy

2 The importer, wholesaler or retailer must receive the
device to be replaced, bearing in mind the following:
     A Photocopy of the purchase invoice.

     B Photocopy of the warranty certificate.

     C Ensure that there are phone numbers to
communicate with the consumer.
     D Inform the consumer that he will be contacted
within 7 working days to inform him of the decision of the approved maintenance center.
3 The importer, wholesaler or retailer must send any
devices received within 7 working days.
4 The response will be made by the maintenance center approved on the importer, wholesaler, or retailer if the
device has no defect and is delivered to the consumer or he is replacing the device with a new one to the consumer, and in this case the device is made spare parts for the benefit of the approved service center

Case one in warranty

In this case, the center undertakes to fully maintain the device.

Case two out of warranty

1 The fees are received from the customer, deducted from the maintenance cost, if the customer agrees to maintenance, and if the customer refuses, this amount is not refunded.
2 Ensuring customer data for easy communication

3 The malfunction is determined and the cost of
maintenance of the breakdown is determined

      If the cost is 100 Saudi Riyal or less, maintenance without referring to the customer.
      If the maintenance is more than 100 Saudi Riyal, contact
the customer first to obtain his approval for maintenance.
4 15 days spare parts warranty.

5 After completing maintenance, call the customer to receive the device

Note: The Company reserves the right to amend the aforementioned regulations, and it has the right to amend or add to the terms of the warranty or the terms of replacement in a way that does not violate Saudi laws.